Saturday, January 5, 2013


WOW, it has been a long time since I posted anything, to get right to it I must tell you that JESUS loves you!!! A banner life must began with the understanding that GOD has saved you! That there has been a radical change in your life and you desire the things of GOD.  We must have a daily desire to have a relationship with the word of God since He is the word  (John 1:1).  This last year I have been in Guatemala four times and on mission here in the states every week in a community that the Lord has opened for me to minister in.  Every day I pray the Lord will anoint and enable me for His service (that is why we were created) to make much of JESUS!

There are so many questions in my heart about missions and being involved  with so many people it is so amazing that someone would walk up to me in another country and ask me for water and by the power of the Holy Spirit to tell them about the living water.  Or to witness GOD save an asassin, or home after home being in the presence of our beautiful savior as the living truth of the gospel is being shared and each time I return home the questions keep popping up.  Why is this?Why is that?  WHY? WHY? WHY?  As I become closer and closer to the lord something so so sweet is happening that the new question is not why but WHAT?

What is the most amazing One showing me and what does He, the King of Kings want me to do in service.  What missions and what level of service?  The answer is this, to go and run this race at all cost without question,  because He is the answer.   So try this, let your life be a banner with the name JESUS all over it!  Now GO and plant your banner in world where no one else has, a new foundation and live a banner life for JESUS, a life that honers Him and not the world.  If we look like the world, smell like the world, act like the world, we might just be of the world and not just in it.  So no matter if Jesus returns in a minute or a thousand years it is still quickly compared to eternity, so please pray for GOD to save and enable each one of His children to live a banner life for the King.   Amen



Monday, August 6, 2012

Our hearts are in SAKERTI

     Our team arrived home from GUATEMALA on Sat. August 4th. The praise for an amazing trip goes to the Lord. He really blessed this time. I would like to tell about this trip, as we were aloud to enter homes in this great community of Sakerti the Lord that we serve began to show us that the hard times or struggles that we prayed for in the homes in GUATEMALA is exactly the same prayers we say in homes in the USA. So jump the creek or jump the gulf there is no hope without the truth of the gospel. AMEN
     My wife and I and twelve others Paul & Laurie, Greg & Danya, Doug & Steph, Anita, Brian, Ashley, Tony, Paige, and sweet Chelsea. The Lord showed us so many times that He is exactly who He said He is!!!! One of the many blessings that I seen is this, that the woman the Lord gave me is gifted in so many ways on mission is just another gift she is blessed with. I would have been satisfied with just knowing her but the Lord blessed me with a life together with her. Thank you JESUS!!
     The eyes of my heart were opened when we first started home visits and looked into the hopeful eyes of the sweetest people we ever met. We prayed so much that I believe it was a joyful noise to the Lord. This is the thing, it is a hard place for children boys and girls GOD is raising up men in all four corners of these communities so please pray for Pastor G and his family and these men that our
Lord is lifting up.
             This is the treasure walking in His presence            

                     SALT AND LIGHT


Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is a blessed day, in about 24 hours my wife and I along with twelve others will be landing in GUATEMALA. We will be in GUATEMALA for eight days, this is just more of his grace! For us to be able to go and continue our life on mission for the kingdom of our lord. As we go and serve the Lord in his will, his grace will be so sweet that we will be able to taste it. The truth is this, he the Lord will always give us treasures. I will try to describe one of the many treasures that I have been given to try and draw a picture with words, this will be tough but not impossible.

One afternoon, a friend and I jumped this creek for the Lord and began to prayer walk in one of God's communities as he allowed us to pray through his spirit the doors of this neighborhood began to open only because of the Lord. We met a grandmother and her granddaughter, she was about 18 months old, this small child reached and grabbed Stevie on his neck. The grandmother said that the baby is learning to say the Lord's prayer, so Stevie began to recite the prayer. The child then relaxed her forehead against his and as they gazed at one another and the Lord's prayer being recited you could feel the Spirit in every crevice of our soul. We saw the wind stop, heard the creek become quite, and as we said Amen Stevie handed this child to her grandmother and the little girl looked at us and said thank you with her sweet voice. We began to shuffle away when we realized that we just saw JESUS. Wow, we will forever have this treasure. Praise be to God our Lord Jesus Christ.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wisdom From The Spirit

GOD IS SO GOOD. I am just a sinner saved by grace. I have been blood bought and spirit filled. The Lord has shown me that in Christ everything is opposite.

It is about him, not me. When we tithe in worship, it should not be about what I give, but Lord what can I keep? Meaning, we shouldn't limit ourselves to a percentage, instead we must give what God sees fit.

I know in Christ we should pray for our spouses, our parents, children, pastors, and be who God wants them to be. Instead of who I want them to be. This kind of prayer is what started bringing peace to my life. My family never would become what I want them to be. This was driving me crazy, even as much as anger at times.

God is in control. (Peace.)

Is Jesus Christ your Treasure?