Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is a blessed day, in about 24 hours my wife and I along with twelve others will be landing in GUATEMALA. We will be in GUATEMALA for eight days, this is just more of his grace! For us to be able to go and continue our life on mission for the kingdom of our lord. As we go and serve the Lord in his will, his grace will be so sweet that we will be able to taste it. The truth is this, he the Lord will always give us treasures. I will try to describe one of the many treasures that I have been given to try and draw a picture with words, this will be tough but not impossible.

One afternoon, a friend and I jumped this creek for the Lord and began to prayer walk in one of God's communities as he allowed us to pray through his spirit the doors of this neighborhood began to open only because of the Lord. We met a grandmother and her granddaughter, she was about 18 months old, this small child reached and grabbed Stevie on his neck. The grandmother said that the baby is learning to say the Lord's prayer, so Stevie began to recite the prayer. The child then relaxed her forehead against his and as they gazed at one another and the Lord's prayer being recited you could feel the Spirit in every crevice of our soul. We saw the wind stop, heard the creek become quite, and as we said Amen Stevie handed this child to her grandmother and the little girl looked at us and said thank you with her sweet voice. We began to shuffle away when we realized that we just saw JESUS. Wow, we will forever have this treasure. Praise be to God our Lord Jesus Christ.


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  1. This is so amazing Robert and Vicki, I have watch ed our lives grow and flourish from my youngest of days, yet, never did I envision such outstanding plans or tasks the Lord would allow. You two have always been an inspiration to me and our love ones, but .... Wow, my heart is overjoyed with the excitement of you two being true WARRIORS. I LOVE YOU ALL, MUCH. And THANK YOU for reflecting His Light. Amen.!