Monday, August 6, 2012

Our hearts are in SAKERTI

     Our team arrived home from GUATEMALA on Sat. August 4th. The praise for an amazing trip goes to the Lord. He really blessed this time. I would like to tell about this trip, as we were aloud to enter homes in this great community of Sakerti the Lord that we serve began to show us that the hard times or struggles that we prayed for in the homes in GUATEMALA is exactly the same prayers we say in homes in the USA. So jump the creek or jump the gulf there is no hope without the truth of the gospel. AMEN
     My wife and I and twelve others Paul & Laurie, Greg & Danya, Doug & Steph, Anita, Brian, Ashley, Tony, Paige, and sweet Chelsea. The Lord showed us so many times that He is exactly who He said He is!!!! One of the many blessings that I seen is this, that the woman the Lord gave me is gifted in so many ways on mission is just another gift she is blessed with. I would have been satisfied with just knowing her but the Lord blessed me with a life together with her. Thank you JESUS!!
     The eyes of my heart were opened when we first started home visits and looked into the hopeful eyes of the sweetest people we ever met. We prayed so much that I believe it was a joyful noise to the Lord. This is the thing, it is a hard place for children boys and girls GOD is raising up men in all four corners of these communities so please pray for Pastor G and his family and these men that our
Lord is lifting up.
             This is the treasure walking in His presence            

                     SALT AND LIGHT


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